Online Marketing Tips For Tight-Budgeted Start-up Business

man-running-with-laptopWe all know that with the endless limits of the World Wide Web, it has become a powerful tool for online marketers and businesses. Although the online market provides endless opportunities for businesses, reaching your target customers can be a bit tough nowadays especially with many other online businesses sharing the same goals you have. It is also more challenging if you are on a tight budget. To have a successful online marketing strategy even on a tight budget, here are some tips to consider.

Know Your Target Market

A marketing strategy is an effective one if it knows its target customers. Spending thousands of dollars for an expensive marketing that does not focus on your business’ target market will be useless. Examples of things you need to determine are:

  • Are your products for men or women?
  • Specific age group?
  • Income level?
  • Customers’ interests?

Prioritize Goals

Running a business will probably give you a lot of goals to accomplish. Make sure to prioritize your goals first so you can keep track of your progress and manage your time properly. Once you have reached your initial goals, you can proceed to your next goals.


Now that you know your target market and has set your goals, it is now time to set your budget. Even with a tight budget, an online marketing strategy can become successful if you are determined, and put enough time and effort on it. Allocate budget on the most important components of your marketing strategy and put less spending on those least important tasks or those tasks that you can do on your own.

Establish Your Brand

There are thousands of online businesses in the World Wide Web and hundreds of those might be even marketing the same products and services you offer. Setting yourself apart from these competitions is crucial for the success of your online marketing strategy and that can be done by establishing your own brand. Branding starts with your website. Make sure to develop and have a website that represents your business and as much as possible, have a domain name that matches your business’ name. Your site should be professional, functional, interesting, and easy to navigate. Web development and web hosting will definitely entail cost so make sure to allocate a good budget for these services. Your online marketing strategy will become useless if you target customers cannot even access your site or find it…

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Internet Marketing – 2014

A lot has changed in the IM industry in the past few years – namely with advances in technologies such as mobile web. There have been a number of changes on the SEO landscape as well, as Google bobs and weaves against spammers and releases new updates to their algorithms. 2014 has been an interesting year so far, maybe not quite as eventful as the same time a year ago, but that could change in an instant as we all have seen.

With this blog, I intend to keep all of my readers up-to-date with these changes as they occur, and as I test new strategies I will update everyone with my progress and results as well.

Stay tuned!…

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